Well I (TheProfileth) have always been a philosophical person, I loved NGE and understood the meaning of the last 2 episodes, if you do not believe me just ask me to explain them to you. My ideals and philosophy are the basis and the reason for why and how I encode. So I have come up with this set of principles to guide me in my journey.

Here is the oath our encoders must make

I encode because all shows new and old deserve good encodes too, just because you bought an old dvd does not mean you should have to be unhappy with the quality of it. I encode because I hope to inspire people to buy dvd’s that are poor quality so they can still support the industry and have my encode as their visual dvd replacement. I do not view my encodes as actually replacements for dvds but only as a means of enjoying them at a higher quality level. If I am to encode something it will look different than the source, either extremely or noticeably so from what the original looked like. I view it as just a different visual interpretation of what the creator intended, others may view this as being disrespectful to the original artist but my justification is if  the artist’s only wanted you to appreciate their art then they would publicly display it without charging anyone. As this is reality and not fantasy, anime is only there to entertain you in various ways, not to have you appreciate their art,while it is still possible to appreciate art it is not the specified intent. I believe that what I do is right. But that does not mean I infallible , as I am not self righteous. I strive to be altruistic. I believe that what I am doing is only helping others and if in any case I believe that I am no longer following that path I will try to cease the activity or product that is causing or being caused by my straying from the path. When it comes to releasing things I have very strict codes that I want to follow. I do not want to encode a dvd that looks good already because then I am just another pirate. I do not want to produce something of low quality just because I want to meet a deadline or just to say I have made another release. If I produce something of bad quality, then I promise to never release it to the public until it has reached and surpassed my expectations of quality. I want to be proud of my encodes. My techniques and methods may change but I constantly get more refined with every attempt and every encode. When it comes to quality I have 2 perspectives. Keep it reasonable, FLAC is whack cause it don’t mean jack ;) (Though I will try to have optional FLAC downloads available for you audiophilic bastards :) ), you do not need 2 or 3 gigabytes for an episode even if it is bluray. But also do not compromise on quality in exchange for size. So try and keep the size for blurays under 20% and the size for DVD’s under 50% while making the quality better. Do not believe that higher bitrate is an adequate replacement for a good avisynth script. Transparency is overrated, I want it to look nice not like the dvd. I mean if  you wanted the dvd then you should go BUY IT.

Other related things

I can and will not always encode in 1080p. If the BD is obviously an upscale I will not encode in 1080p. If there is cropping that is needed I will not resize it up to 1080p. If there is QTEC or some stupid crap… I will not encode it…. or do 1080p. One other thing about my releases. I may do some releases that are not on my site, do not ask me where you can get them, because they will be obvious. For everything else I use mediafire, so get a download manager or anything that supports multiple connections.