Our main purpose is to provide high-quality anime encodes which have both English and Japanese audio tracks (Dual-audio, hence our group’s name). While we may dabble in the realm of sub-only shows from time to time, our main focus is towards the dual-audio shows. TheProfileth created the group based on a love of English dubs, an amorous passion for his beloved voice actress Jessica Calvello, and the devout aspiration to provide better quality dubs to all the other dub-lovers out there.

Dual-Duality and all it’s subsidiary groups were formed to create archival encodes for future generations. There is a void regarding proper encodes, specifically of older dual-audio shows. We aim to bring you the best of the old and forgotten, and of those recent yet overlooked. With quality in mind, we strive to push forward our endeavor of increasing quality while reducing waste. Innovation is the catalyst of quality, and quality will act as our rule of measure.