TheProfileth Leader and Head encoder, substyler, and general show off. Inconveniently Neurotic Spontaneously Amazing Naturally Evil
Sashamaru 2nd In command. Diplomatic and the least insane member of the group. Maintains website, syncs audio on some shows. He may not even exist at all, as he seems to only appear when people need him. Maybe he is a phantom that exists within the minds of the needy.
Torque Our jack of all trades very helpful guy, can be very nice too. Obtainer of rare and/or hard to find anime discs.
EvilLivesHere He’s evil and he’s proud get over it! Provides webhostery and the occasional conversation, he’s a fun guy who supports my group’s motives and philosophy.
Chevy787 Encoder. Pretty cool guy.
marimar Works on subs, editing, QC, and general grunt work.
FMA1394 Helps do some encoding for the group in his spare time, though he’s mostly involved in a multitude of nefarious fansub projects with other groups involving various forms of Pokemon.
Former Staff:
Wesbeam Was friendly and eager to help out with the site, but he kind of disappeared.
LightningBlade AKA Lightningedger AKA Lightblade AKA Darkblade AKA SilverBlade: encoder, with the power of an ox and the brain capacity of a unicorn.
John (MIA) A man of many words and ideas most of them involving skull fucking. He lives his life by one phrase “I just anime!” Nuf said.
Lynn More needs to be written about him.