Anime Info

Year 21.12.1987 till 21.04.1988
Type OVA
Length 24min. X 10eps.
Categories Action, Comedy, Cops, Detective, Ecchi, Gunfights, Law and Order, Novel, Sci-Fi, Shounen, Special Squads, Underworld, Violence
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File Specs

Video H.264 712×520 3:2 23.976fps ~27 [DVD R2 Source]
Audio English: 2.0 Sterio AC3 224 kBit/s 48kHz Japanese: 2.0 Stereo AC3 448 kBit/s 48kHz
Subs English Soft Subs (ASS) from OnDeed


Dirty Pair is the story of the 3WA Trouble Consultant team Lovely Angels, Kei and Yuri, aka the Dirty Pair. During their various adventures, Kei and Yuri, along with sometime partners Mughi and Nammo, set out to solve crimes, arrest criminals, and cause varying amounts of destruction. The characters and setting, and possibly some of the stories, are based upon a set of novels by Takachiho Haruka. Dirty Pair OVA is more or less the sameas the TV series. The episodes are stand-alone without any story to tie them all together. The production value of the OVAs were higher, so the overall quality is a little better than the series.


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