1080p version is out go get it

Welcome back

I am just gonna skip any kind of introduction because the only people who read this are people who don’t exist so I actually don’t know why I write these.

And there I go with an introduction damn, either way Hell’s 1080p, 720p, 480p are all done, encoded, edited,timed, tsed and whatnot all I need to do is upload them and with my 40-80kb/s uploading the 7.6 GB of data for the 1080p would take me a bit more than a day and a half so I am gonna put these on a flashdrive or something and then make my way to a computer with internet that can meet my lofty standards. After doing said internetting I am gonna get these over onto Bakabt where I can rest knowing they will be seeded.

Now let me explain why you should watch this even if you have already watched it before because I actually have a legitimate reason, all available versions of Hell’s use the BD subtitles which are about as engrishy as a racist caricature of a Japanese businessman committing seppuku while groping a schoolgirl who is actually a tentacle monster that just wants to be an ordinary teenager but due to recent events has super powers. Yes. I stand by that characterization of the subs because they were bad and I mean REALLY BAD. You had stuff like

Abel’s madness is beyond my,

the Creator’s imagination…

Yes it had that line break too, or the great

you’ve no friends.

That was the entire line, it wasn’t even capitalized

This world that God made in a week,\NI can now destroy it all in a week!

Redundant redundancy

Either way most of the original subs were like that plus lots of…

full stops…

sometimes they didn’t…

even capitalize…anything.