Somehow even less related^

I won’t be here tomorrow however stuff should still be getting done

Starship Troopers Invasion

Done and should be up pretty soon

The standard release will have high quality AAC for the English audio and use the original AC3 for the Japanese audio A patch will be available for the other languages which includes:  French, Portuguese both in high quality AAC, and Thai and Spanish which are in the original AC3 Another patch for FLAC + all the previously mentioned languages will be available too the languages that recieve FLAC are: Engish, French and Portuguese We will include English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese subs If anyone wants to OCR (very easy) the Indonesian, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), and Thai subs let us know and we will happily patch them in

Hells AKA Hell’s Angels

Done encoding and needs editing

I plan to get the scripts done for Sakamichi, Nazo no Kanojo X and Maken-Ki! relatively soon so that we can start encoding them.  I personally will also be continuing to work on my backlog of dvd projects as well while these shows are encoded by marimar and Mari (just need to get a member named mar to confuse everyone) Sexy potatoes, Hopscotch and America None of these rhyme