marimar x The_Profileth x Sashamaru v0.422

Hey everyone~

Here is the promised update on everything and anything Dual-Duality. With a few projects under our belt, and a few currently on the works, we are now confident to announce the upcoming projects for the next few months. I also wanted to explain the difference between Dual-Duality and C.U.T.E. releases since you’ll be seeing both in the next few months.

The_Profileth structured the group so that different group names could be tagged with a specific type of release done by Dual-Duality. While Dual-Duality is the release group to look for the best available dual audio DVD/BD releases, C.U.T.E. is the release group you should associate with the best available single audio DVD/BD releases. We have a third release group, Xenophile, which will aim to provide the best available dub only releases; of course, we *NEED* staff in order to expand our portfolio to such areas. We should note that for the last few years, Dual-Duality has been mostly a one-man group with help from some but not long lasting individuals. If you think you can contribute to our cause, feel free to catch us in IRC or leave us a comment. Trust me, we *NEED* you; we really do. ;)

Now, on to the news you’ve been waiting to hear.

Although our recruiting efforts have been quite unsuccessful for the most part, we are lucky to announce that we have a new encoder in our midst: Mari. Mari will be a big help on the upcoming projects we have picked and for that we are very grateful. As always, however, Dual-Duality only has one dedicated styler/timer/typesetter, marimar, and he is in dire need of help so if you’d like to see these releases stop being stalled come out faster, feel free to apply or let your friends know that Dual-Duality is currently always recruiting every position. :D

Now, on to the real news you wanted to hear. Although The_Profileth has mostly focused his efforts for the last couple of years towards releasing older, non-appreciated shows that deserved justice release-wise, we are happy to announce Dual-Duality and its subsidiaries are finally picking up projects produced from this decade fairly recently. In order of priority, subject to change, we present you the 2012-2013 Dual-Duality release slate:

1. Starship Troopers: Invasion (Dual-Duality)

2. Hells (C.U.T.E.)

3. Nazo no Kanojo OVA (C.U.T.E.)

4. Sakamichi no Apollon (C.U.T.E.)

5. Nazo no Kanojo TV (C.U.T.E.)

6. Maken-ki (C.U.T.E.)

7. Ergo Proxy (Dual-Duality)

Heed attention to the fact that I did not include currently ongoing projects such as Softenni, Slayers Movie 2, Kyouran re-release, Burn Up Excess, Nadesico, etc. These projects were started before Phase 2 protocols were initiated but are still high-priority projects that we want to finish so we may clear our backlog, especially Stalltenni Softenni.

We know empty promises are the worst so we have linked a few comparisons as well as the state of each project farther below. Work is being done on these projects, mostly by The_Profileth, but once they hit the editing/timing/typesetting part of the process, we are going to need a team of dedicated individuals to help us release an enjoyable, archival release.

See a project you like? Wanna see it released faster? Then join Dual-Duality today. :D

Project Order divided by person encoding, all scripts and encoding decisions being made by The_Profileth. Sources already acquired unless noted otherwise.


Hells BD:


1080p done

720p waiting

480p waiting

Sub work

Needs further assessment

Editing needed

Maken-Ki!: Started Scripting

Ergo Proxy BD: Need to find source


Starship Troopers Invasion:


1080p in process, will be done Sunday

720p waiting

480p waiting


Just needs OCR and styling

Slayers Movie 2: Not started

Dirty Pair OVA: Redoing

Nazo X Kanojo OVA: Not Started



Burn Up Excess: I hope you like comparisons cause I brought some for everyone


Sakamichi BD: Started Scripting





Nazo X Kanojo TV BD: Not Started



Possibly a Spanish track as well