marimar x The_Profileth

Well, do you care? Maybe.

Do I care? Not really.

Then why are you making this post? Because The_Profileth’s shinobi way is “doing the most” and I’ve been dragged into his world as of recently.

So, who is marimar? Well, the answer is so simple, it is too difficult to explain so here are a few things to consider:

marimar is NOT The_Profileth.

marimar is NOT a faggot.

marimar is NOT an encoder.

marimar will NOT stall releases.

Marimar is NOT marimar.

Also, marimar is most definitely NOT this.

So, why did you join Dual-Duality?

Well, at some point I came across a cocky mofo called The_Profileth trolling lurking in YuMi’s IRC channel. Many things happened and The_Profileth asked marimar: “Would you like to help me release *insert random anime*?” Much negotiation ensued, The_Profileth promised me a tittie-job, Slayers work started, marimar found out The_Profileth was a guy, and a quite uncomfortable atmosphere surrounds us now. We are like that one guy you know who is stuck with that one chick who has something over the poor guy, leaving him with no choice but comply.

What are your plans for Dual-Duality?

My goal is to speed up releases and finally allow for Dual-Duality and its affiliates to be known across the inter-tubes as the “go-to” destination for quality DVD & BD encodes.

What previous fansubbing experience do you possess? Are/Were you in any other groups?

I am relatively new to fansubbing and I am still in the learning curve for quite a few things but my attention to detail, perseverance, pride, and a little help from The_Profileth has allowed me to learn the basics in a speedy manner. If you find any issues with our releases, other than the encode itself, feel free to let me know in IRC or in the comments as I’m always open to criticism and ways to improve our releases. I have not been part of any other fansubbing groups in the past but I’m currently part of YuMi as well as Dual-Duality.

Anything else we should know about you?

Rei & Mugi are mai waifus, Kurisu is mai mistress, and Shinobu is mai imouto. ‘Nuff said.