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That’s what time it is in San Francisco

I have fixed my computer and will be on rizon and freenode lurking shortly

I know nobody reads this but I am gonna leave the comments open

If anyone wants to get in touch with me about info on investing in digital currencies or just wants to say hi, or ask for something, just leave a comment or contact me on freenode or rizon

And yes fma i am going to get to your stuff soon

My new years resolution is to make money and make video games even if those aren’t the same venture

Not dead yet.

Happy New Year


How many fucking years has it been?

I think almost 6 since I started.

I plan to keep it up at least 10 and then I will stretch for 20.

Maybe at 10 I will look into making this a legitimate thing.

Maybe I will get on irc more also if you guys want to know what I am doing ie if you want to know more about the game I am working on leave a comment or bother me on irc

I do love you all and the only reason I have been offline is my computer was broken

Maybe my new solid state drives will come in handy

Lol I just saw all the projects I started

Maybe I shouldwork on finishing some of those

That and I should probably reevaluate my list

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