From what I have been told apparently some people actually read this site…

I don’t know why, but hey why not I guess.

Either way blah blah things things blah blah stuff stuff jessica calvello blah stuff blah x264 dubs blah encode

Ah, it’s good to be back ;)

Hmm, I guess I could explain why I have been so inactive lately.

Essentially I lost hope.

Everyone who was helpful basically disappeared leaving only me to do the work, which would of been fine but some of the stuff for projects I was really excited about got lost in the nether as people who were supposed to be doing things did their jobs and forgot to give me their work before they disappeared and only by luck was I able to recovered some of the things months later and at that point I had sorta had enough of messing around floundering and trying desperately to get someone to help me to anything, cause god damn, I don’t care really about how many people download my encodes or who thinks they are great, the one thing I do need though is to feel like not everything I am doing is just a huge waste of time and I have found that group members help with that a lot and seeing as I no longer had any or at least any that contributed to anything I sort just gave up.

Now months later I am ready to try again.

I have a few people who might join my group though nothing is certain yet.

I really hope I can actually get around to releasing things.

T.T That would be so nice T.T

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