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Weekly Update #2

Look at dat trap^

Ok so we’ve been a bit lazy the last week, mainly waiting for me to get the fixed version of starship troopers invasion 1080p encoded, ok so status update


Hells BD:


1080p done

720p done

480p waiting


Editing needed

Maken-Ki!: Started Scripting

Ergo Proxy BD: Need to find source


Starship Troopers Invasion:


1080p finally done

720p done

480p encoding



Nazo no Kanojo X OVA:

Encoding: Done



Need further assessment

Slayers Movie 2: Not started

Dirty Pair OVA: Redoing

Burn Up Excess: I hope you like comparisons cause I brought some for everyone


Sakamichi BD: Making progress but, is a difficult source, more time required





Nazo X Kanojo TV BD: Not Started



Possibly a Spanish track as well

Oh and I guess I should add

Somehow even less related^

I won’t be here tomorrow however stuff should still be getting done

Starship Troopers Invasion

Done and should be up pretty soon

The standard release will have high quality AAC for the English audio and use the original AC3 for the Japanese audio A patch will be available for the other languages which includes:  French, Portuguese both in high quality AAC, and Thai and Spanish which are in the original AC3 Another patch for FLAC + all the previously mentioned languages will be available too the languages that recieve FLAC are: Engish, French and Portuguese We will include English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese subs If anyone wants to OCR (very easy) the Indonesian, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), and Thai subs let us know and we will happily patch them in

Hells AKA Hell’s Angels

Done encoding and needs editing

I plan to get the scripts done for Sakamichi, Nazo no Kanojo X and Maken-Ki! relatively soon so that we can start encoding them.  I personally will also be continuing to work on my backlog of dvd projects as well while these shows are encoded by marimar and Mari (just need to get a member named mar to confuse everyone) Sexy potatoes, Hopscotch and America None of these rhyme

Weekly Update

Relatively unrelated^

Either way I think I am gonna start doing weekly updates again, since there tend to be things that actually have gotten done that need updating on.

First off I am pregnant.

This concludes the weekly update.

Dramaticum Rectangulorum! aka Dual-Duality: Phase 2

marimar x The_Profileth x Sashamaru v0.422

Hey everyone~ Here is the promised update on everything and anything Dual-Duality. With a few projects under our belt, and a few currently on the works, we are now confident to announce the upcoming projects for the next few months. I also wanted to explain the difference between Dual-Duality and C.U.T.E. releases since you’ll be seeing both in the next few months. The_Profileth structured the group so that different group names could be tagged with a specific type of release done by Dual-Duality. While Dual-Duality is the release group to look for the best available dual audio DVD/BD releases, C.U.T.E. is the release group you should associate with the best available single audio DVD/BD releases. We have a third release group, Xenophile, which will aim to provide the best available dub only releases; of course, we *NEED* staff in order to expand our portfolio to such areas. We should note that for the last few years, Dual-Duality has been mostly a one-man group with help from some but not long lasting individuals. If you think you can contribute to our cause, feel free to catch us in IRC or leave us a comment. Trust me, we *NEED* you; we really do. ;) Now, on to the news you’ve been waiting to hear. Read more

Idol Project Complete Series Batch

A message to more than just you :D

Hello again everyone.

Here is the complete OVA series batch for Idol Project. This has been a very fun project for both The_Profileth and myself as well as a very fun show to watch. All the episodes have received a v2. Padding was added to the subtitles, I went through all the scripts to fix any weird looking line breaks, and I also fixed the way the number “1″ looked in the dialogue font; it looked like roman numeral one.

With this release, Dual-Duality will be moving on to phase 2 of the plan The_Profileth and myself have for the future of the group for the months to come. Make sure to check the website during this week to get the full announcement.

Without further ado, you can download the batch from here.

You can download the patch from here.

How to apply a patch:

1. Unzip the .zip file.

2. Have original files in the same folder as the xdelta files and the .bat file unzipped from the .zip file.

3. Click on the .bat file that says CLICK ME.

4. Profit…

Status Update

marimarxThe_Profileth v0.04

Hi everyone. So we heard you like to have your updates update you on upcoming updates while updating on the previous updates…

So, we’ve been holding off on the Idol Project batch in hopes that any errors would be pointed out but it seems there weren’t many. Two issues were already brought up and will be fixed for the batch: I will be adding padding to the subs and fix the number “1″ in the font used since it looked like roman numeral one. Thank you YuSaKu and rarely_upset. The batch should be released this upcoming week so if there are any errors you spotted, please let us know preferably before Monday.

Softenni episode 3 is also being worked on and should hopefully be released next week. We will be doing 4 episode batches once we reach the 4th, 8th, and 12th episode. The first batch will include new versions for episodes 1-2 since I was not present at the time and The_Profileth fails at shifting times and fixing/adding TSing :3

In other, more important news, there will be a big announcement on the status of releases for Dual-Duality and its sister group C.U.T.E within the next week, so stay tuned~

Also, very relevant for the very, very near future: R U ANGEL OR R U DEVUUUUULLLL GGUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRLLLLLL…
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