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Powerpuff Girls Z episodes 1-12 batch

They are out go get them here

Martian Successor Nadesico Episode 1

Yay everyone episode 1 is finally out

Download Here

DDL coming soon

A new challenger has appeared

Hey there, the name’s obto and I’m a new trainee being taught by the one and only TheProfileth.
I’ve been watching anime for around 6 years and always wanted to help out the community, there were just 2 problems:
  1. A lot of the groups I’d love to support didn’t take donations, as they wanted to do it for the love of the shows etc… (props to them)
  2. No one ever really needs a TS or QC, so the only other spots were a TL or an encoder which… I knew nothing about (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
So I finally decided to take the plunge and see if I can’t learn how to encode and help out here and there.
I’ve just started learning, so it’ll probably be a couple months before I can help out… but after that, hopefully, I’ll be rearing to go!
Some quick things about me:
  • Been a computer geek and programmer for 10 years
  • Fav drink: Coke and Dr. Pepper
  • Best show and character (no arguments allowed): Steins;Gate and Makise Kurisu

Powerpuff Girls Z episodes 1-6 batch

Head on over to nyaa to download the new batch torrent.
Still need to get mediafire bandwidth lol will do that hopefully today if I don’t forget. (*^o^*)

Powerpuff Girls Z Episodes 1 and 2 now in 10bit

PPGZ ep 2

Download episode 1
Download episode 2
Edit: Woops ran out of bandwidth will fix shortly until then go to Nyaa and pick up episode 1-3 and FYI the v2 for episode two is on there in a separate torrent

Switching to 10bit!

Also I have decided that along with a random new series for the new year I will adopt the newer better and more efficient method of encoding to really take on the year with a out with he old in with the new spirit. To clarify though this will only be for shows that currenty are not released or being released (some exceptions may apply) Edit:I suggest everyone who need has not set up for 10bit to go to this site and follow its nice and easy guide just as I did in order to get the 10bit encode of PPGZ to play Http:/

Powerpuff Girls Z Episode 1!

It has begun! I think a new year should start off with a new show all in all ; there be Bubbles and shit
Download Patch if you have the v1
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