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Hey sorry for not getting online this weekend, tomorrow I will make sure to get online

In other news: Sashamaru is now a staff member of BakaBT

That is all. :D

Sorry for being AWOL been having troubles

as of late I have been experiencing some technical difficulties and have not been online. The bad news is I don’t know when I will have the problem solved, the good news is that encoding will not be affected, though getting online will. I will look into possible solutions for the problem of internet in the mean time. I will try to make contact this week on irc be it with the public library if all else fails, atleast I will be able to talk there, but for uploading I will need a different tactic. Again I say unto you, fear not, I shall not disappear or stop my group, this is but temporary issue I hope to solve as soon as possible. On a side note, I wonder if my zunehd can use our site’s irc? Either way wish me a speedy return.

Isekai episode 5


Another fun episode of Isekai, 480p version will be out soon.

Dual-Duality on Usenet

We’re going to start uploading all our releases to usenet from here on out, beginning with our most active releases and followed by our completed projects. NZB files will be made available on the download page. This is a push on our part to broaden the accessibility of our releases as well as establish a public archive. DDLs and torrents will continue to be made available.
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