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Dirty Pair Episode 5

Dirty Pair Episode 5 is out go find it on nyaa; this was a very fun episode and it gave Jessica Calvello a reason to use her distressed/excited voice several times (which I love hearing)

Isekai episode 5 is also encoding right now that should be done in a day or two, in the mean time I probably will be working on Slayers episode 1 and trying to get that finished up so that Skypilot and his team can do the fancy sub work for it by actually giving it a translation and such not to mention other such fun sub related things. I also plan to work on getting a proper Plastic Little encode out soon enough so hopefully all goes according to plan.

I am back

And finally I am home; safe and sound and unpacked from my long excursion into Hawaii. It was a very fun trip and I was occupied for the majority and I was able to work on my tan, that way I can flex and not distract everyone with the brilliant white glow that was my body. Speaking of my body, Isekai episode 5 will be coming out very soon that and so will Slayers episode 1.

Hey everyone be back real soon

Just wanted to let everyone that my (previously internet free) vacation in Maui is almost over. I will be flying back in three days. I look forward to getting back to work when I get back.

2011 Summer Anime Lineup

^ What’s airing in Japan over the next couple of months.

Recruiting: Audio Syncer

I’m working on getting episode 5 up in a day or so. After which, I’ll be busy with RL work for the next 2-3 months. The project will hence be on hold until a) I get off work, or b) we find someone else to sync the audio. If you feel you might be interested in syncing audio for this show, drop by our channel on IRC and talk to either TheProfileth or me, Sashamaru. To apply, you must have experience using Audacity or a similar program and be able to sync audio to within 5-10ms of video. Here’s the recruitment post I made in AnimeSuki’s classifieds, it explains the position in more detail. Picture unrelated.


Dirty Pair OVA is no longer on hold. I thought I wouldn’t be able to put time into it, but the situation’s changed. I’m actively working on syncing the audio for the rest of the series, so you can expect new releases to start pumping out soon. Another audio syncer position is still open for those who are interested, though.
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