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Status Update

Here are some project updates

  • Isekai BD 5 is being downloaded
  • Dirty Pair OVA episodes 1-10 have been encoded and just need syncing and QC
  • Slayers episode 1 is being worked on, I am nearly finished with the OP after I finish that, the main episode and the ED and preview and then watch it I will be able to release it.
  • Canaan is being Lazily handled since I don’t really want to work to much on it, might get FMA to prep it for me.
  • In order to make room for more BDMV’s I am encoding a show I most likely will not finish either way I hope I like it.
  • Kyouran’s OP and ED are getting worked on by ColormeKevo (such a nice guy) so that will finally get a real release.
  • Nausicaa is done and just needs QCing and stuffles
  • I guess that is it for now, oh and we might add a poll on the site seeing as there are atleast 4 of you who actually like what I do. Don’t forget to recommend our group to people, just not stupid people, or people I won’t like or people who do bad things and don’t feel bad about it, or people who have stolen candy from babies. On second thought; those last people are fine just no stupid people.

    Canaan episode 1

    Wait is over

    Canaan episode 1 is out

    High quality AAC download here

    FLAC version to follow

    And thanks to Empo I decided to pick Isekai back up, am encoding episode 4 right now should be out in a day or so. More Canaan and Dirty Pair soon.

    And we’re back

    Been playing too much Terraria, either way we (I) are (am) back.

    This month I plan on getting Canaan released, there will be 2 versions of it a FLAC version and a high quality AAC version of it converted with the mainconcept AAC converted IE the best AAC converter around (essentially)

    The reason for this is because the FLAC is kind of huge, and FMA1394 was bitching to me about not wanting external FLAC this time, so the compromise was 2 versions. Maybe I will just make the FLAC copy torrent only since we are talking about nearly 1GB per episode. Either way there is that, Red Photon Zillion, some other shows/ovas and maybe even a couple episodes of Slayers to be released this month.

    Releases and updates :Updated

    So this being the first post since the state of the group address, I think I will again blame Sashamaru for taking out the function to make paragraphs. I will try to keep this short. Dirty Pair TV episodes 1-5 are out, episodes 3-5 may have issues with the subs, probably not but just a warning since I did not watch them yet, but I did at least manually go through them and look for errors and spelling issues.

    I am gonna get Isekai episode 3 going and some other stuff. Still sort of indecisive on what project I should go full force with now that I have finished Kyouran.


    I forgot that I wanted to mention a few other things. I will be releasing Canaan in 2 versions, one with FLAC on english and japanese and one with a  AAC audio track with mainconcept’s high quality AAC converter for both. This should keep the file size from being super huge for a 720p encode, as the FLAC are about 250MB each and the video is around 400-600MB normally. I will be releasing more Penguin Musume Heart as well and I think I found someone who can help fix the *timing issue on the first episode.

    *Ironically I am apparently the only person who does not see a timing problem on the first episode, maybe I am just awesome like that.

    New Website!!

    The pages and layout are currently under construction. ┐(´ー`)┌

    Edit: Sticking orphaned series categories here for now.
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