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Isekai episode 5


Another fun episode of Isekai, 480p version will be out soon.

Status Update

Here are some project updates

  • Isekai BD 5 is being downloaded
  • Dirty Pair OVA episodes 1-10 have been encoded and just need syncing and QC
  • Slayers episode 1 is being worked on, I am nearly finished with the OP after I finish that, the main episode and the ED and preview and then watch it I will be able to release it.
  • Canaan is being Lazily handled since I don’t really want to work to much on it, might get FMA to prep it for me.
  • In order to make room for more BDMV’s I am encoding a show I most likely will not finish either way I hope I like it.
  • Kyouran’s OP and ED are getting worked on by ColormeKevo (such a nice guy) so that will finally get a real release.
  • Nausicaa is done and just needs QCing and stuffles
  • I guess that is it for now, oh and we might add a poll on the site seeing as there are atleast 4 of you who actually like what I do. Don’t forget to recommend our group to people, just not stupid people, or people I won’t like or people who do bad things and don’t feel bad about it, or people who have stolen candy from babies. On second thought; those last people are fine just no stupid people.

    Operation Torrential Downpour was a success!

    As the title says Operation Torrential Downpour was almost  as  successful as Operation Catgirl Nexus Firestorm.

    We got over 200 downloads in 2 days for Dirty Pair and 24 downloads for Isekai.

    In other news I think I finally found an answer to Slayers further info on this later!

    Isekai Episode 4

    You know you want some of this^


    Everyone thank Empo for me returning to Isekai.

    Speaking of Isekai

    After some thinking and over looking my recent encodes of Isekai, I am starting to have regrets about my choices in the way I filtered them, I am currently looking into this and may redo episodes 1-4. Luckly I kept the BDMV’s so this should not be a problem. Updates in a bit

    Isekai episode 3

    Isekai episode 3 is being uploaded now


    Download here

    New Website!!

    The pages and layout are currently under construction. ┐(´ー`)┌

    Edit: Sticking orphaned series categories here for now.
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