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In other news, I was talking with Hale recently (before I left on Sunday) and he basically reminded me of a project I was planning on working on for a while. My avisynth filter example compendium, which at this point will basically be like this sort of thing in theory. For example, for the denoising section I take like 80 screenshots from a large number of different shows to gather a wide array of noise patterns and compression artifact types. I then show the effects of filtering on said vast array of screenshots, most likely it will be like
Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 ect… for the total number (more like it will be Option #:filter name)
Each of these will have its own page which not only has the examples and comparisons but an indepth explanation of said filter, its effects and why it is doing what it is doing, the good the bad and the confusing about it. Of course I will also give a nice indepth explanation of the filter’s parameters and such much like my tbilateral write up (atleast similar in level of detail)
The reason I am doing this is because Hale and I basically came to the consensus that new encoders need a proper explanation of filtering as any sort of filter guide at this point is either outdated, just plain wrong, or incomplete (more likely all of those) and sense I have the time and the pedantic attention to detail that has made me a king in the eyes of men made me the experienced encoder  that I am today. The level of insanity in this project will both excite me (sexually and mentally [same thing right? {yes I just did use recursive parentheses}]) but will also cause it to be a LONG project before I will call it complete, infact I don’t think it will ever be call “complete” since I plan on putting every usable filter that I can muster into this; while my grandiose desires of perfection may seem based on a lust for fame or craving to be worshipped, such vague insinuations are in folly . I am doing this because I want to, because I am the only one who ever would attempt such a thing , and I believe that I am the only person who is truly capable of pulling it off; so help me god this wil be done! Also on the agenda a simple and accurate explanation of x264, its components and its parameters that is both easy to understand and accurate.
A final note:
lol Sashamaru for taking my favorite greeting to use on irc and using it as the header xD
no but really I pretty much greet every new person with “what brings you here?” or on occasion “what brings you to this corner of the internet”
Seeing as my word count is now over 550 I know my work here is done. Night everyone, and to all a good night.