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Penguin Musume Heart

New project: Penguin Musume Heart

Download episodes 1-5 here.


New project: ZOIDS Chaotic Century

Download episodes 1-5 here.

Back and some news

I am back, and Sashamaru is gone, for now. His computer died again, yes AGAIN. His parting words were these
Expect me to be offline for an indefinite amount of time. The computer I was using, the only I one I had with internet access, died a horrible death. So yeah, that’s two computers down now. I have no idea when I’ll be back up and running. With the fines and fees I’m paying on a regular basis, I’m not sure when I’ll have enough to buy a decent new computer. “Decent” being in the $600-700 mid-grade range, enough to work on. d:
We all await your return Sashamaru, may you quickly get a new computer and come back stronger than before! I will progress and keep working so that when you come back you can hopefully start with the site renovations.

Sashamaru edit: I’m back. All is well.

I shall return!

So I am leaving for a couple of days to visit relatives. In the meantime I just uploaded about 5 releases to make up for my coming absence. The zoids page is up and functioning, Sashamaru I just need you to add the download links to the individual episode numbers, as currently I only have episode 1 link but atleast I left the folder link there too. Sashamaru could you be nice and please make the penguin page look presentable for me. I left you the essential info in the page

Site Development Progress

Now that I’ve re-continued work on the website, I’ll be making a lot of modifications. Instead of announcing all these changes, I’ll simply say that It will likely be about a month or so until things resemble “completeness”.
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