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Status Update

marimarxThe_Profileth v0.04

Hi everyone. So we heard you like to have your updates update you on upcoming updates while updating on the previous updates…

So, we’ve been holding off on the Idol Project batch in hopes that any errors would be pointed out but it seems there weren’t many. Two issues were already brought up and will be fixed for the batch: I will be adding padding to the subs and fix the number “1″ in the font used since it looked like roman numeral one. Thank you YuSaKu and rarely_upset. The batch should be released this upcoming week so if there are any errors you spotted, please let us know preferably before Monday.

Softenni episode 3 is also being worked on and should hopefully be released next week. We will be doing 4 episode batches once we reach the 4th, 8th, and 12th episode. The first batch will include new versions for episodes 1-2 since I was not present at the time and The_Profileth fails at shifting times and fixing/adding TSing :3

In other, more important news, there will be a big announcement on the status of releases for Dual-Duality and its sister group C.U.T.E within the next week, so stay tuned~

Also, very relevant for the very, very near future: R U ANGEL OR R U DEVUUUUULLLL GGUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRLLLLLL…

Release Schedule Update


Ok so now that I am back from my lovely excursion I can get back to work, unfortunately marimar is a bit more busty busy than usual so unfortunately the Idol Project releases have been a bit delayed, as we did plan to get them out last week.

Either way I plan on moving forward with Softenni and that means I will focus more on making more timely releases with it.

I will get started on my v2 of Dirty Pair OVA as soon as OZC finishes syncing the audio for the remaining episodes.

Ah yes, I will continue to work on more of the Slayers OVA’s after I get Softenni finished, which shouldn’t take that long.

What else, oh yes, I plan to do a v2 of Kyouran Kazoku Nikki as soon as I get the first iso which I apparently deleted/lost/IDK???

Progress Update

Isn’t Yuriko cute when she is serious?

Well I felt like I haven’t said anything in a while so I wanted to give an update.

Softenni episode 1 is getting a v2 that will have better video and the most recent subs which will replace the current one on nyaa

Softenni episode 2 is done and being looked at by Sashamaru and will be released soon

Slayers The Movie’s v2 is moving along and will hopefully be done by the end of this week

In a bit of news I am doing a new show called Idol Project, its a fun little 4 episode OVA that has really nice art and episode 1 is nearly done. I am just waiting on confirmation from marimar for the subs.

And finally, I have begun work on Nadesico again and this time I am working to make it so I don’t have to manually go through each frame meaning I might actually be able to get a release out quickly.

Update: Mediafire and Releases

Ok so mediafire links should be working again

Progress Updates:

Slayers The Book of Spells OVAs:


Subs: Being worked on, currently styling and editing

Slayers The Motion Picture:

Encoding:~50% Lossless file is done and the lossy file is being encoded and should be done in a day or two

Subs: Will be worked on after encoding is done and Slayers Book of Spells is done

Progress Update

Ok so first off, Slayers Book of Spells ovas are done, encoded and are being styled and edited a bit by marimar not to be confused with Mirari who made our fancy html template for the bakabt Dirty Pair Project Eden offer.

Slayers – The Motion Picture aka Slayers Return is about halfway done encoding.

I am through the lossless stage now, it is now in a 60fps lossless file, but I need to resize, deblend and denoise it and then marimar will probably help with the subs for it.

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