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Status Update

marimarxThe_Profileth v0.04

Hi everyone. So we heard you like to have your updates update you on upcoming updates while updating on the previous updates…

So, we’ve been holding off on the Idol Project batch in hopes that any errors would be pointed out but it seems there weren’t many. Two issues were already brought up and will be fixed for the batch: I will be adding padding to the subs and fix the number “1″ in the font used since it looked like roman numeral one. Thank you YuSaKu and rarely_upset. The batch should be released this upcoming week so if there are any errors you spotted, please let us know preferably before Monday.

Softenni episode 3 is also being worked on and should hopefully be released next week. We will be doing 4 episode batches once we reach the 4th, 8th, and 12th episode. The first batch will include new versions for episodes 1-2 since I was not present at the time and The_Profileth fails at shifting times and fixing/adding TSing :3

In other, more important news, there will be a big announcement on the status of releases for Dual-Duality and its sister group C.U.T.E within the next week, so stay tuned~

Also, very relevant for the very, very near future: R U ANGEL OR R U DEVUUUUULLLL GGUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRLLLLLL…

So… who is marimar?

marimar x The_Profileth

Well, do you care? Maybe.

Do I care? Not really.

Then why are you making this post? Because The_Profileth’s shinobi way is “doing the most” and I’ve been dragged into his world as of recently.

So, who is marimar? Well, the answer is so simple, it is too difficult to explain so here are a few things to consider: Read more

A rant on the nuance of filtering part 1

Most of you have probably come face to face with this, if you haven’t take your time and go through and look at each one of those, yes all of them, this post will still be here when you get back. Now in most situations these comparisons result in sort of a shock and awe, it is especially powerful among those who don’t see filtering that often. Though some react negatively because they dislike moderate to heavy filtering which is fine as they get to have an opinion. A common response among those who seldom come into contact with filtering , is how did you do that? I typically respond with avisynth and filtering and time. The key to filtering well is really based on a couple of things, yes time is the main thing but time really stands for amount of effort put in, amount of actual time put in, amount of experience gained from the time and effort you put in. Still the most important thing of all is ability  your pattern recognition. Yes pattern recognition. Atleast that has been my key to success. What I do is sort of keep a mental catalog of what each filter does, how it works, what kind of effects it produces and how it does that (if it is possible to know this can be VERY helpful). All of those things help me to determine where and when to use which filter, of course that is not to say that I get the script right on the first attempt. Here comes the part where I talk about effort. Now as the majority of you leave seeing the word effort used in conjunction with the subject you, it is important to realize why you are doing this, no not why you are leaving that is because you are lazy. I mean why are you encoding? Is it for yourself? (hohohoho no really) Is it because you are in a group? Or some other reason? Or is it because you enjoy it? I enjoy doing this and I want to give the world better encodes of bad sources. Now lets talk about effort, you need to put time into your scripts (usually). Atleast with the stuff I work with, there is never a way to guess everything right the first time. Just a note for all of you , I use avspmod. Avspmod allows me to load my avisynth script and preview the effects of the filters and allows me to take screenshots which I use to compare. It is best to familiarize yourself with all the filters you possibly can, and by familiarize I really mean use them a TON. You don’t have to encode with the filter to use it, you can just take a LOT of screenshots with the filter, tweak it a lot and sort of imprint on your brain what it does and what kind of results it produces.

So the summary thus far

Effort is important

Time is important

Memorizing and pattern recognition is important

more to come when I update this next

My thoughts on group transparency

Now some of you might of thought that I was going to talk about video transparency but you are sorely mistaken. I am going to talk about my ideas about group transparency or how open I am with the “public” about the interworkings of my group.

1st off

I have over time come to reach a level of self confidence and a questionable if not comical sense of regarding to my self with ostentatious; thus culminating in the idea that I don’t need to hide my scripts from people.

IF asked for I will produce the following:

  • Where I got my source
  • Comparison shots against the source or any other encode
  • My avisynth script
  • The filters for my avisynth script
  • a direct download link
  • Wisdom about why I chose  filter(s) x,y and z and my x264 settings

2nd off

If I get hard to find or rare sources I will release them back into the internets from whence they came, provided that they are not licensed by Funi or other such (hilarious)  reputable licencees.
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