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New Show


Lovely show that I will be doing, currently only an encode from zero raws that is a 120fps divx  with 120KB/s mp3 audio. I thanks to torque have managed to get all of the dvds for this show, and such I will be doing it.

I will be using high quality AAC for this since the FLAC is HUGE like 120-160MB per episode, there will be an optional FLAC download for those that want it.

One idea I had for this show, was to just encode it and then find a translator, or I could go the normal route and just grab dmonhiro’s subs and maybe do some editing and typesetting when I feel like it. Regardless I will have the sole quality encode available, and I will finish encoding it within 4 months.

New Website!!

The pages and layout are currently under construction. ┐(´ー`)┌

Edit: Sticking orphaned series categories here for now.
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