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So I guess I am helping with H2?

Hello again

If you are for some reason still checking this site for updates you are both in luck and dumb lol

I have teamed up with the good people at CO-AC or as you know them “Who?” to release H2 another show you have never heard of.

I am simply handling the encoding and they are doing the rest, it will be a joint release under CO-AC and C.U.T.E

Releases might start to pick up again though marimar has been missing for a bit which is why Hells has been stalled… again T.T

Weekly Update #2

Look at dat trap^

Ok so we’ve been a bit lazy the last week, mainly waiting for me to get the fixed version of starship troopers invasion 1080p encoded, ok so status update


Hells BD:


1080p done

720p done

480p waiting


Editing needed

Maken-Ki!: Started Scripting

Ergo Proxy BD: Need to find source


Starship Troopers Invasion:


1080p finally done

720p done

480p encoding



Nazo no Kanojo X OVA:

Encoding: Done



Need further assessment

Slayers Movie 2: Not started

Dirty Pair OVA: Redoing

Burn Up Excess: I hope you like comparisons cause I brought some for everyone


Sakamichi BD: Making progress but, is a difficult source, more time required





Nazo X Kanojo TV BD: Not Started



Possibly a Spanish track as well

Oh and I guess I should add

Somehow even less related^

I won’t be here tomorrow however stuff should still be getting done

Starship Troopers Invasion

Done and should be up pretty soon

The standard release will have high quality AAC for the English audio and use the original AC3 for the Japanese audio A patch will be available for the other languages which includes:  French, Portuguese both in high quality AAC, and Thai and Spanish which are in the original AC3 Another patch for FLAC + all the previously mentioned languages will be available too the languages that recieve FLAC are: Engish, French and Portuguese We will include English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese subs If anyone wants to OCR (very easy) the Indonesian, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), and Thai subs let us know and we will happily patch them in

Hells AKA Hell’s Angels

Done encoding and needs editing

I plan to get the scripts done for Sakamichi, Nazo no Kanojo X and Maken-Ki! relatively soon so that we can start encoding them.  I personally will also be continuing to work on my backlog of dvd projects as well while these shows are encoded by marimar and Mari (just need to get a member named mar to confuse everyone) Sexy potatoes, Hopscotch and America None of these rhyme

Idol Project Complete Series Batch

A message to more than just you :D

Hello again everyone.

Here is the complete OVA series batch for Idol Project. This has been a very fun project for both The_Profileth and myself as well as a very fun show to watch. All the episodes have received a v2. Padding was added to the subtitles, I went through all the scripts to fix any weird looking line breaks, and I also fixed the way the number “1″ looked in the dialogue font; it looked like roman numeral one.

With this release, Dual-Duality will be moving on to phase 2 of the plan The_Profileth and myself have for the future of the group for the months to come. Make sure to check the website during this week to get the full announcement.

Without further ado, you can download the batch from here.

You can download the patch from here.

How to apply a patch:

1. Unzip the .zip file.

2. Have original files in the same folder as the xdelta files and the .bat file unzipped from the .zip file.

3. Click on the .bat file that says CLICK ME.

4. Profit…

Been a bit busy lately

Sorry everyone for the general lack of updates and posts lately. Been busy with school and such, also currently lacking a lot of motivation to actually prep and release things that I have encoded but yeah thems the brakes. If I could get someone to help with styling/typesetting subs for Burn Up Excess you might get a release either that or you will have to wait till I find a reason to do it myself. On the other hand I have finally released DBilateral a very fancy and extensive avisynth filter I have been working on for the past 6 months or so, now available here on doom10

DDL Updates

I finally got around to uploading the most recent encodes to mediafire, so here are episodes 1-12 for PPGZ and episode 1 for Nadesico
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Martian Successor Nadesico
Episode 1

Good News Everyone

Ok so, a change of plans
Sashamaru and I were talking and essentially we decided that I need to stop being stupid and actually work on shows that I want to work on. So thankfully to this I will be suspending any further developement of random new shows and only working on the ones I want to really do, and as a consequence of this Sashamaru will be helping me get some stuff done.
Nadesico, PPGZ and anything else I remember to work on will still get releases but the focus will now be mainly on finally finishing Burn Up Excess, which as it stands now should not be that hard as I have a script primarily composed.
Here are some comparisons

Kujibiki Unbalance Episode 1

Yes you know that show within a show; the show that the  characters in Genshiken fawn over and analyse, well I bought the dvd sets for both shows and I am encoding Kujibiki first, ironically I was gonna have 4 episodes out today but apparently x264 decided “fuck it you only get one episode, you and your damn 2 step lossless process using multithreading, what are you some kind of person who sticks to the times” either way will get the other episodes out fairly soon as  I fixed my issue and just need to do the subs for them. Kujibiki wil be out later today after I get the subs done and it uploaded to mediafire (might be skipping torrent this time around as nyaa seems all messed up at this time) See ya in a bit

Something special this way comes

<~The_Profileth> btw sashamaru
<~The_Profileth> so i might be busyish this week but i plan to have something special out by the end of this week
<~The_Profileth> could you make a post on the site saying that
<&Sashamaru> I suppose I could

Powerpuff Girls Z episodes 1-12 batch

They are out go get them here

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