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Dirty Pair OVA episode 1 released

Episode 1 is uploading as I speak, should be downloadable in a few minutes

English dub syncing is thanks to Sashamaru.

We love him <3

Download Here

Release Progress

It is so hard to satisfy Yuri, much to Kei’s frustration

Speeching of sexual inadequacies, Dirty Pair (the OVA series) is being encoded, I currently have 5 episodes done, Sashamaru is working on syncing the English dub to the video since there are some things that get in the way of it syncing easily.  After he syncs each episode and I finish watching them then I will release them, so expect atleast 1 episode per week, that of course is the lowest possible amount but it is a number atleast.

Another note

This show has Jessica Calvello in it, she plays Yuri and does a great job and Pamela Lauer does an amazing job as  Kei. They have really good chemistry and are definitely worth listening to.

Isekai episode 3

Isekai episode 3 is being uploaded now


Download here

My thoughts on group transparency

Now some of you might of thought that I was going to talk about video transparency but you are sorely mistaken. I am going to talk about my ideas about group transparency or how open I am with the “public” about the interworkings of my group.

1st off

I have over time come to reach a level of self confidence and a questionable if not comical sense of regarding to my self with ostentatious; thus culminating in the idea that I don’t need to hide my scripts from people.

IF asked for I will produce the following:

  • Where I got my source
  • Comparison shots against the source or any other encode
  • My avisynth script
  • The filters for my avisynth script
  • a direct download link
  • Wisdom about why I chose  filter(s) x,y and z and my x264 settings

2nd off

If I get hard to find or rare sources I will release them back into the internets from whence they came, provided that they are not licensed by Funi or other such (hilarious)  reputable licencees.

Releases and updates :Updated

So this being the first post since the state of the group address, I think I will again blame Sashamaru for taking out the function to make paragraphs. I will try to keep this short. Dirty Pair TV episodes 1-5 are out, episodes 3-5 may have issues with the subs, probably not but just a warning since I did not watch them yet, but I did at least manually go through them and look for errors and spelling issues.

I am gonna get Isekai episode 3 going and some other stuff. Still sort of indecisive on what project I should go full force with now that I have finished Kyouran.


I forgot that I wanted to mention a few other things. I will be releasing Canaan in 2 versions, one with FLAC on english and japanese and one with a  AAC audio track with mainconcept’s high quality AAC converter for both. This should keep the file size from being super huge for a 720p encode, as the FLAC are about 250MB each and the video is around 400-600MB normally. I will be releasing more Penguin Musume Heart as well and I think I found someone who can help fix the *timing issue on the first episode.

*Ironically I am apparently the only person who does not see a timing problem on the first episode, maybe I am just awesome like that.

News about Kyouran

So for those that have not been paying attention Kyouran is currently my most complete show with 14 out of 26 episodes released. So good news if you like Kyouran, I am going to finish it, VERY soon. With good reason as well as you shall see soon.

Back and some news

I am back, and Sashamaru is gone, for now. His computer died again, yes AGAIN. His parting words were these
Expect me to be offline for an indefinite amount of time. The computer I was using, the only I one I had with internet access, died a horrible death. So yeah, that’s two computers down now. I have no idea when I’ll be back up and running. With the fines and fees I’m paying on a regular basis, I’m not sure when I’ll have enough to buy a decent new computer. “Decent” being in the $600-700 mid-grade range, enough to work on. d:
We all await your return Sashamaru, may you quickly get a new computer and come back stronger than before! I will progress and keep working so that when you come back you can hopefully start with the site renovations.

Sashamaru edit: I’m back. All is well.

I shall return!

So I am leaving for a couple of days to visit relatives. In the meantime I just uploaded about 5 releases to make up for my coming absence. The zoids page is up and functioning, Sashamaru I just need you to add the download links to the individual episode numbers, as currently I only have episode 1 link but atleast I left the folder link there too. Sashamaru could you be nice and please make the penguin page look presentable for me. I left you the essential info in the page

Alright so getting closer

I have added alot of stuff , well atleast the basis for alot of stuff and have been thinking of some REALLY cool ideas for the design phase which we are getting closer to. I should make sure to mention that the deadline for the unveiling of the website will be as always demoniacally long Dead line for website completion is 197 days :D
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