That’s what time it is in San Francisco

I have fixed my computer and will be on rizon and freenode lurking shortly

I know nobody reads this but I am gonna leave the comments open

If anyone wants to get in touch with me about info on investing in digital currencies or just wants to say hi, or ask for something, just leave a comment or contact me on freenode or rizon

And yes fma i am going to get to your stuff soon

My new years resolution is to make money and make video games even if those aren’t the same venture

Not dead yet.

Happy New Year


How many fucking years has it been?

I think almost 6 since I started.

I plan to keep it up at least 10 and then I will stretch for 20.

Maybe at 10 I will look into making this a legitimate thing.

Maybe I will get on irc more also if you guys want to know what I am doing ie if you want to know more about the game I am working on leave a comment or bother me on irc

I do love you all and the only reason I have been offline is my computer was broken

Maybe my new solid state drives will come in handy

Lol I just saw all the projects I started

Maybe I shouldwork on finishing some of those

That and I should probably reevaluate my list


720p Hells got accepted at Bakabt 720p

Still Alive

Yup still kicking, bug me on irc if you want to get a hold of me, I got stuff I am working on/have done You know the usual… Oh yeah and I have good internet now so yay

A new release (no really) and why it wasn’t online


1080p version is out go get it

Welcome back

I am just gonna skip any kind of introduction because the only people who read this are people who don’t exist so I actually don’t know why I write these.

And there I go with an introduction damn, either way Hell’s 1080p, 720p, 480p are all done, encoded, edited,timed, tsed and whatnot all I need to do is upload them and with my 40-80kb/s uploading the 7.6 GB of data for the 1080p would take me a bit more than a day and a half so I am gonna put these on a flashdrive or something and then make my way to a computer with internet that can meet my lofty standards. After doing said internetting I am gonna get these over onto Bakabt where I can rest knowing they will be seeded.

Now let me explain why you should watch this even if you have already watched it before because I actually have a legitimate reason, all available versions of Hell’s use the BD subtitles which are about as engrishy as a racist caricature of a Japanese businessman committing seppuku while groping a schoolgirl who is actually a tentacle monster that just wants to be an ordinary teenager but due to recent events has super powers. Yes. I stand by that characterization of the subs because they were bad and I mean REALLY BAD. You had stuff like

Abel’s madness is beyond my,

the Creator’s imagination…

Yes it had that line break too, or the great

you’ve no friends.

That was the entire line, it wasn’t even capitalized

This world that God made in a week,\NI can now destroy it all in a week!

Redundant redundancy

Either way most of the original subs were like that plus lots of…

full stops…

sometimes they didn’t…

even capitalize…anything.

Happy New Year

And may luck fall upon you.

But no really why are you still reading this site

From what I have been told apparently some people actually read this site…

I don’t know why, but hey why not I guess.

Either way blah blah things things blah blah stuff stuff jessica calvello blah stuff blah x264 dubs blah encode

Ah, it’s good to be back ;)

Hmm, I guess I could explain why I have been so inactive lately.

Essentially I lost hope.

Everyone who was helpful basically disappeared leaving only me to do the work, which would of been fine but some of the stuff for projects I was really excited about got lost in the nether as people who were supposed to be doing things did their jobs and forgot to give me their work before they disappeared and only by luck was I able to recovered some of the things months later and at that point I had sorta had enough of messing around floundering and trying desperately to get someone to help me to anything, cause god damn, I don’t care really about how many people download my encodes or who thinks they are great, the one thing I do need though is to feel like not everything I am doing is just a huge waste of time and I have found that group members help with that a lot and seeing as I no longer had any or at least any that contributed to anything I sort just gave up.

Now months later I am ready to try again.

I have a few people who might join my group though nothing is certain yet.

I really hope I can actually get around to releasing things.

T.T That would be so nice T.T

Also comments are open for 21 days for each post then they close to help easy my war on spam.

Dual Duality WAS on hiatus, we aren’t anymore

I would be  lying to myself if I actually thought anybody read this site or learned anything from here but its a start at least. I am back, working on Venus War. Encode should finish within a week. We will see how long it takes to get the subs done (shouldn’t be that bad)

Dual-Duality is going on hiatus

Basically I am going on break for a while, until I can actually start devoting more time to releasing things and such. The main reason that I am doing this is because well, nobody is working on stuff, including me so basically nothing is getting done and nothing is being released so we aren’t really much of a group now are we? I am not dissolving the group I am simply saying that for now, just expect the exact same thing you have been from us that you have always been expecting, nothing. I will try to stay in contact for the time being.

So I guess I am helping with H2?

Hello again

If you are for some reason still checking this site for updates you are both in luck and dumb lol

I have teamed up with the good people at CO-AC or as you know them “Who?” to release H2 another show you have never heard of.

I am simply handling the encoding and they are doing the rest, it will be a joint release under CO-AC and C.U.T.E

Releases might start to pick up again though marimar has been missing for a bit which is why Hells has been stalled… again T.T

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